48V 30AH LiFePo4 battery

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48V 30AH LiFePo4 battery

We have been developed 48V 30AH LiFEPo4 battery recently, very powerful.

our web is www.yesa.com.hk

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Re: 48V 30AH LiFePo4 battery

It would appear the direct product link is: http://www.yesa.com.hk/goods.asp?id=45

You don't give discharge or other ratings on the description of this pack. However it appears to be made from the cells here: http://www.yesa.com.hk/goods.asp?id=32 ... Yes?

Given that the rated discharge rate is 150A or max of 240A .. Yes? (5C * 30AH == 150A rate)

The picture shows what looks like a BMS board. Can you say more about it?

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