v28 emoli batteries help please!

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v28 emoli batteries help please!

Hello Guys!

I have landed here as a complete unwashed in this area! I have been looking into ways to utilize some dead v28 packs I have (I'm a carpenter btw) and of course have seen the fad for breaking these lithium cells up and using them in RC and scooters etc!

I actually had a mad notion a while back to research how to make a rig that could accept 4 v28 battery packs in order to power a 110v tool such as a miter saw or table saw, but was advised that it probably wouldn't be feasable due to the high power (wattage) of such tools.

Anyway, to the point.. may I be so rude as to ask for help from anyone who has a knowledge of these v28/emoli batteries?

Bearing in mind I am an electrical dunce(!):

Do i need to break up the connection bars between the 7 cells in order to test which cells have failed? Can I insert other working cells to make a working pack again?

Failing that, is it legal to auction off these cells individually to people like your good selves who put them to good use?

Thanks very much for any advice imparted!


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Re: v28 emoli batteries help please!

If you've opened the packs you will be able to measure voltages of individual cells. Simply use a multimeter and touch the probes to the ends of each cell.

As for replacing individual cells.. I haven't looked at the inside of V28 packs but had looked inside DeWalt packs. The cells in DeWalt packs have the connection bars spot welded to the cells. I'd think this is a common construction technique and that the V28 packs would also be spot welded. That will make it rather difficult to replace individual cells. Not impossible but I gather the impression you might not be knowing how to do spot welding? Nor have the equipment for same?

Why do you ask if its legal to sell individual cells? I can't think of any way it would be illegal to do so.

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