Recommended controller for Brushed Manta Etek?

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Recommended controller for Brushed Manta Etek?

I just purchased a Brushed Manta Etek from Ebay. I'd like to use it for a small electric boat project I have going on. I was thinking about using 48 volts for the system because I figured it would give me better efficiency and higher output.

What kind of controller and related components should I use. I was thinking about a 400 amp Alltrax just so that I wouldn't run the risk of overheating it if I leave it at a high cruise speed for a while. I thought I might overheat the 300 Amp model. Am I on the right track here? Does anyone have any other recommendations?

How about a throttle and the rest of the components? Does anyone have an suggestions for sources?

This is my first venture into a project like this and I'm kind of figuring it out as I go along, so any input is welcomed.


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Re: Recommended controller for Brushed Manta Etek?

As far as quipment for the boat throttle etc. I am no help, but I have a Etek Mars brushless on a modified Steath 1000, and I use a Kelly brushless waterproof controller that has been awesome and sometimes exposed to rain with no problem. Steven, who mans the order desk and answers any questions promptly, is a great help. I had too small of a controller at first ( my fault), but they took it back- no problem and applied it to what I needed. I don't know about Alltrax, but a lot of the people in the know like them. I just can't say anything bad about Kelly other than I did hear a complaint that Kelly overrates the amperage as compare to Alltrax. But Kelly's prices, products and service are hard to beat.

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