WikiPik electric motorcycle page updated and improved + now can link to your store!

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WikiPik electric motorcycle page updated and improved + now can link to your store!

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a while since I announced my project WikiPik to collect and organize data and opinions on electric motorcycles & scooters. In the meantime, apart from tearing my hair out over my XM-2000's front brake, I have fixed lots of bugs, added features and more motorcycles and specs to WikiPik!

The feature that some of you asked for and will probably find most interesting is that WikiPik can now link and send traffic to your online store! Shoot me a mail for more info.

Other improvements are:

* The ranking table is now visually divided into three color coded sections to represent the three kind of data displayed: Satisfaction ratings, experienced performance and technical specifications.

* WikiPik now markes discontinued or upcoming (not yet released) products with icons, so you know which products are no longer or not yet made.

* The ranking table column picker now has an “all” option so you can switch on/off all columns at once.

* “Hot Edit” feature for specs and performance ratings. While logged in, just go to any ranking table, and click on any table cell and a small dialog box will pop up to add/edit the spec/rating displayed! You can always enter new specs or change specs that you entered yourself, but you need the “editor” privilege level to change other user’s edits.

* Performance ratings now have detailed explanations with instructions on how to measure them when you roll over them in the review dialog.

* The search is now smarter with product codes, and will find your product even when you omit or add hyphens, or group digits or letters incorrectly.

* WikiPik will automatically guess the correct metric/US customary unit preference for new users from their IP address.

Check out the current electric motorcycle/scooter table:

Electric Motorcycle, Moped & Scooter Comparison Table at WikiPik

There are a few specs that I could not find online, so if you know them, please feel free to fill them in - it's simple: all you need to do is log in, then click on the empty table cell and enter a value for it.

And please keep those great reviews coming! I've seen lots of new experience reports popping up on the forum - for example the EVD and GPR-S - it would be cool if you could enter that valuable info into WikiPik, so we can keep it organized in one place!

I also added a few performance criteria to the category, such as noise level, head light quality, acceleration, mileage and charger idle power. So those of you who already entered reviews can go to your reviews and update that information if you wish. Just go to the product page of the product to update, and click on "Edit your review of this product".

I currently calculate the "gas" mileage of electric vehicles by equating 1 gallon of (premium) gasoline with 41.5 kWh of energy, so we can compare mpg of both plug-ins and hybrids.

And of course if you have any comments or suggestions how to improve WikiPik, let me know!


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