LifeBatt/PSI cells-ES member ""drops the bomb""

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LifeBatt/PSI cells-ES member ""drops the bomb""

There is new thread on ES about LifeBatt/PSI cells and packs.
There are some very serious accusitions against LifeBatt.
Ypedal dropped real bomb by claiming that not all 10Ah LifeBatt and PSI cells contain Pchostch Lithium powder. This powder is what supposed to give those cells 120 A continous capability.
Misteriously in the middle of posting by various members to this thread ES web site went down.
I know that some ES members have also Vis forV membership so I hope Bob, Ypedal, mcstar , Jozzer will post here continuing disscussion.
Accusitions are serious, because powder is what makes that cells second best to A123.
AS an owner of LifeBatt HPS 36V 10Ah pack I am shocked, because I paid US$750 for the pack.
Please , write what you know.

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