User angel009 is spamming my PM inbox with 'Nigerian'-like offer

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User angel009 is spamming my PM inbox with 'Nigerian'-like offer

Good day to you,
faithkona1 [at]
I am Mis Fiath Kona female from Cote d'ivoire 22 years of age. I am the only daughter of my father and mother. However, I wish to inform you that my father was the commander of the ancient Ashanti Kingdom in Cote d'ivoire and there was a controversial scandal going on into the Gold Sector of the Government whereby the government requested he should over influence a contract to the sum of US$10,000,000.Ten Million dollars to their personal benefits as top officials of the government.

To the refusal of my late father to this proposal, they have to kill him to have their way for their own selfish interest. But before the death of my father, he told me that he deposited the sum of(US$3, 5million dollars )Three million and five hundred thousand united states dollars with a security company in the box as consignments but registered them as precious items and personal effects. He told me that incase if anything happens to him that, I should make sure I find a foreign partner that will help me move the consignments out from the security company and invest the funds. He also warned me not to associate with any of his friends down here or members of the family for my own safety.

I want you to know that he gave me the Certificate of Deposit of the funds, Consignment Control Label Number and Transfer Freight Manifest and I will supply you with these documents once you agree to help me and have only 20% of the total funds after your efforts.I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways. and i contacted you with good faith beleive me. the whole documents conerning this transaction is with me.

(1) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am only 22 years old.

(2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a resident permit in your country.

(3) please my dear i am of real i really need your assistance for my life, and i promise that you will never regret to assisting me in life and i do promise that i will not let you down, so I beg you in the name of God to help me and all i have explained to you is all the truth about Me please my dear i need your help now. Hope to hear from you so that I will inform you what to do next.

Thanks and God bless you.
Best Regards.

Faith Kona

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Re: User angel009 is spamming my PM inbox with ...

yep, ive been getting these aswell.

perhaps a banning is in order?


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Re: User angel009 is spamming my PM inbox with ...

The user was banned 45 minutes after they signed on. That was the first time the Moderators saw this. angel009 seems to have done lots of copy past in that 45 minutes.

Chas S.

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Re: User angel009 is spamming my PM inbox with ...

Yes, the amazing thing to me about the many variations of "Nigerian Scams" that never seem to go away, is that the reader is expected to believe that someone in Africa can't find ANYbody to help them get millions of USD worth of something out of Africa...

And they are willing to pay a 10% commission to a total stranger they found trolling on the internet.

When these scams first came out many years ago, there was a "60 Minutes" story on an American who was struggling financially, and decided even though it sounded very unlikely, there was no down-side to trying, right?

After several exchanges, he ended up getting a free airline ticket to Nigeria. He took a cab to the "bank" he had been directed to, and as soon as he walked in and identified himself, he was arrested on "suspicion" of participating in a conspiracy to smuggle government attached securities out of the country.

He was then placed in an absolutely horrible jail, but they made sure he had complete contact with his family by phone each day.

He had to "hire" a Nigerian lawyer (cash up front) and "his" lawyer informed him that it could take years before his trial "might" acquit him. However...Nigeria was a poor country, and if he made some "donations" to local charities and campaign contributions to local politicians who were trying to clean up the small pockets of corruption they occasionally find, would go a long way towards showing the court something about your personal character.

And such a nice person could not POSSIBLY be involved in any criminal activity, and every effort would be made to speed up a case review that might result in the case being thrown out before a trial for lack of evidence.

The longer he was in jail, the lower the required "contributions" became.

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