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V is for Voltage traffic levels

I use Google Analytics to track traffic on V and watch some data regularly. I thought it would be fun to share with y'all about this.

The first is the overall traffic. I have an image: http://audio.davidherron.com/vvtraffic.jpg .. it's too large to post directly so just click on that link and it'll show. The scale is the number of visits per day, not page views but visits. Each visit might involve looking at several pages. And there's a period last Feb with 0 visits.. there was some bug then, I forget what, in the data collection.

The time period is Jan 1, 2008 until today, so a bit over a year. There were 653,858 Visits, 2,504,093 Pageviews, 3.83 Pages/Visit, 00:05:20 Avg. Time on Site.

12.72% Direct Traffic, 15.04% Referring Sites, 72.23% Search Engines, google (organic) 431,606 66.01%

388,561 Absolute Unique Visitors

Internet Explorer 53%, Firefox 37%, Safari 5%, Opera 2%, Chrome 1%

Cable 32%, DSL 29%, Unknown 25%, T1 9%, Dialup 3%

Windoze 87%, Mac 9%, Linux 3%, iPhone .28%

The 800x600 screen size has fallen to 3% indicating that larger screens are becoming more prevalent

Popular keywords that people use in search engines to find us are:- bionx, lifepo4, hybrid motorcycle, xm-3500li, vectrix forum, eestore, paktrakr, vectrix lithium, lifebatt, batteq, zapino, crystalyte, ping battery, cycle analyst, vectrix owners, xm-3500, nova scooters, endless sphere, wilderness energy, lifepo battery

Those are in order, and I find it curious that "hybrid motorcycle" is so frequently searched-for. I didn't show it but there are also several variations of "v is for voltage" as search phrases indicating that some of y'all use the search engine to get to the site rather than having it bookmarked?

United States 434,684
Canada 43,535
United Kingdom 30,864
Australia 18,735
Germany 13,137
France 9,565
China 7,916
Sweden 5,936
Italy 5,592
Netherlands 4,918
Spain 4,649
India 4,142
Switzerland 3,466
Portugal 3,347
New Zealand 3,328
Austria 2,816
Belgium 2,687
Slovenia 2,404
Brazil 2,237
Denmark 2,219

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