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BLADEZ xtr 250 lite

Hello Everyone,

I recently got a used BLADEZ XTR 250 Lite electric scooter for a project. Does this unit require 24 VDC to operate the control system and motor? Since the unit did not come with a charger, I decided to remove the batteries and check the motor and control equipment with a AC/DC adapter which has a output of 18VDC volt -- 2.23A LPS. After I connected the positive and negative wires, I put the power on and checked the accelerator. When I turned the throttle, I heard a humming sound from the main control system, but the motor never turned, then the green charger light turned red. I took the power leads from the control system and I connected them to the motor to see it it works. When I applied power, the motor moved very, very slowly, not enough to propel the scooter. Does this mean the motor works at least? Is there another way I can check this system? Can I connect it to my car battery? But if it didn't work on 18VDC, how can it work on 12VDC?

IF I get everything functioning correctly, I would like to upgrade it with higher voltage to move faster and heavier weight. Is this possible with the current control system and motor, or does it have to be changed? The guy at BladeZ told me that the motor cannot be changed, is this true?Also, can I operate the scooter with straight voltage (similar to the adapter), w/o the batteries?

Sorry for all the pesky questions. Thanks in advance for any information.

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