DC to DC convertor failed. Less than 1500km.

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DC to DC convertor failed. Less than 1500km.

To add to the list of problems that I am having with my 2007 Zapino, the 12V electrical circuit seems to have failed (no headlights, no turn signals, etc.) I suspect it is the DC-DC converter. When I tested with a voltmeter, I could read 60V input on two wires, but nothing on the other.

Where do I get another DC-DC converter to fix this problem?

Anyone else have this issue?


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Re: DC to DC convertor failed. Less than 1500km.


Provided there are no fuses to replace, you have 3 choices:
1. Search 'VICOR' on eBay - you may get lucky as there are generally a few DC-DC converters up there.


2. Get a Item #DC2415- DC-DC Converter, 36-60 VDC in, 10 amp, 12 VDC out
@ x $ 34.95

3. See what Cloud Electric have handy.

Good luck.

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Re: DC to DC convertor failed. Less than 1500km.

We had a scooter brought back for no lights,turnsignals or horn. To troubleshoot,
I used a spare 12V battery and connected it to the output of the DC to DC
converter. Lights, turnsignals and horn all worked. You should be able to order a
new one from ZAP. I used one from the 2008 model which looks a little more robust.
Just had to cut off the connectors and splice/solder the original.

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Re: DC to DC convertor failed. Less than 1500km.

You can get a high quality DC-DC 12V converter good up to 75V from this guy. he also has controllers and Li-ion battery pacs. allanbull [at] sbcglobal.net

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