Help with Thumb throttle and wire mess

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Help with Thumb throttle and wire mess

Im trying to fix a micro bike - its a peddle first rear hub type.

On the right handlebar theres a thumb throttle switch and a 3 LEDs (Power / Full /Low)

I got the controller box out, wires everywhere
The 4 that come from the thumb unit are strange mess
Red and purple go into plastic connector with 4 comming out of it
White and black run seperatedly, but white has an offshoot that goes into being on of the 4 comming out of the connector!

Complicated because the 4 comming out of the connector are black purple white red, but the white is cut off and not joining anything, and this black seems as I said to be comming in from a split of that other pair

Ive probably confused you but if anybody can give me any help fathoming this out.

I would have thought in simple terms you would just need a pair from the thum saying when the go crircuit is connected, and another pair from the controller to the thumb to power the LEDs. Obviously they desided to make a spagetti junction set up instead

Please HELP.

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