How Green is Obama?

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How Green is Obama?

Well now that he's in office, I was wondering about how high on the list all the alternated/renewable energy stuff was on Obama's priorities. Does anybody have a solid feel for that. He was too vague during the campaign and has yet to really come up with anything solid on the subject. Is he going to push this, or was it just campaign rambling?

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Re: How Green is Obama?

Time will tell. I'm hoping he will try and kill two birds with one stone - I hope he creates jobs by taking on some serious renewable energy projects...

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Re: How Green is Obama?

Honestly, I think he's more green than he lets on. He's a really smart guy, and the people he's appointed to science/energy related jobs are absolutely top notch.

Look at the credentials of the new Energy Secretary Dr. Chu: Nobel Prize, 2 PhD's, ran the Berkley Livermore National Laboratory, is actually an expert in alternative energy. There is probably no better guy to be driving energy policy right now, and Obama's got him.

And Obama also knows that investments in renewable energy provide a triple effect: absolutely necessary progress towards global warming, economic stimulus and new jobs, and reduced spending on energy (including military actions to protect overseas oil).

In fact, look at Obama's inauguration speech: global warming got mentioned a couple of times as one of our many challenges, and alternative power was mentioned as a solution. The official website of the new President,, includes an entire section on Energy and Environment, with a list of proposals and plans.

Really, the specifics have been out there for quite some time, and Obama has mentioned them numerous times, but the mainstream press simply hasn't bothered to devote much time to covering his statements on the topic.

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