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Need some expert advice

I just bought my 10 year old an mx350. I bought it with full intension to modify it. He weighs 62 lbs and the terrain it will be ridden on is very hilly. Im concerned with 2 aspects of performance. Torque and battery longevity.
As long as it will go 12-15 mph then speed is no issue.
Here is my plan so far. Please point me in the right direction if im off course.
For starters I want to try 36v instead of 48v.
(1) 500w 24v motor with attached motor mount from TNC. part # 106121
(2) 36v 40amp controller not sure which one due to throttle wire differences
(3) stock mx500 throttle
(4) 12v 18ah sla batteries x3
(5) find a larger than 80t rear sproket but seems none are available for #25 chain.

Any help finding better direction with this plan will be much appreciated. Note I do already have a 700 watt 36v motor set aside but no plans to use it unless it will benifit me. I would rather use the 4 bolt factory mount that the 500w comes with. Also note my son is a destroyer and will not likely monitor component temps. Oh I also have 3 stock type 12v 7ah batteries as well.


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