schwinn stealth 1000 "brain"

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schwinn stealth 1000 "brain"

I have not even had my scooter for a year. it may have a total of 5 -6 hours use on it, if that. i bought it brand new. no modifications. it says it is fully charged. however, the bike will not go. at first, if i hit or banged it, it would start (two times) a friend of mine looked at it and said he thought it was the "brains" of the scooter that had died. (he overpassed something and that allowed for his diagnosis. i cannot find a repair center. anyone got any ideas?> i am in port orange, fl 32129. thanks


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Re: schwinn stealth 1000 "brain"

If its not under warranty then try changing the controller and throttle twist grip. It would be either one of those that are failing if guy said it was the "brain". That currie controller is $40 and the twist grip is $38. Or thats what I paid and I have the exact same thing.

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Re: schwinn stealth 1000 "brain"

One "simple" thing you might check is the brake inhibit switch on the handlebars. This is "normally open" and when you pull the brake lever, it closes the switch and shuts down the controller. If it sticks in the closed position, you will have a no-go situation. Jiggle the lever, or to be absolutely certain, you can disconnect the brake inhibit at the controller (it's the 2-wire plug). If there is a problem with the switch or wiring from the controller to the switch, it would run if it's completely disconnected. If that does not resolve the issue, it probably is either the controller or the throttle.

Does anyone have a good and easy-to-do suggestion on how to bypass the throttle to eliminate it as a source of the problem?

If you replace just the throttle, or just the controller, make sure the number-of-pins is compatible. Some use 5 and some use 6.

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Re: schwinn stealth 1000 "brain"

If it turns out that you need the controller, I am switching over to 60 volts and so I have a perfectly good stock controller that I've removed. You'd just unplug the old one and plug in the new one. You'll have to figure out if it's the throttle or the controller first though.

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