Vicor 55V-100V to 12V @ 50W DC-DC converters

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Vicor 55V-100V to 12V @ 50W DC-DC converters

I've come across a few Vicor DC-DC converters, and wanted to see if there's enough interest to buy them all and offer them (at cost) to people on the board. Just pay cost + USPS shipping/packaging. I got better pricing if I buy more quantity, ends up being ~$18.50 each.

The input voltage is 55-100VDC and the Output is 12 VDC. The input wattage is 75 and the output 50. The model number is VI-J41-CY-B1

These have nice screw terminals as well. They're not that much, but they'd be great for a motorcycle/bike conversion that needs 12V.

I will call Vicor, I think they'd be ok if you ganged them together... I have to see.

PM me and I'll see if there's enough people to get all 12 he's got.

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