XB-500 Headlight & Dashboard Issues

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XB-500 Headlight & Dashboard Issues

Hi All!
I just received my XB-500 last week and in the midst of assembly I noticed some minor issues that I wasn't sure about. After getting some help with the battery charger on here from previous posts I was hoping someone could help me with some other stuff I haven't been able to find an answer for yet.

First, the bottom headlight doesn't seem to turn on at all, is there any kind of wiring I have to do to get it to work? Also, when I flip the switch from regular to high beam lights nothing happens. The blue high beam light is always lit so I don't know what that's about. I did notice behind the dashboard that nothing is attached to the black slot just behind that switch, should wires be plugged into that?

That's about it for now, I've also had the one of the black plastic circular pieces from the dash that the screws go through break almost immediately when I removed the dash, is that something I should ask Xtreme to replace? I'm not sure if it came that way, but it doesn't reattach well to the dash now, ugh. Anyways, any help with this stuff would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!


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