squeaky suspension R30

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monroe Eskew
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squeaky suspension R30

I had to drive my R30 a good distance in light rain recently. Now the rear suspension has developed a very loud squeak! I've tried spraying WD40 up and down the springs and on the bolts attaching them to the frame, but this has no effect. (I didn't take off the body.) Any suggestions?

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Re: squeaky suspension R30

I would suggest using 3 in 1 oil to lubricate moving parts. WD-40 is really only good for cleaning out dirt and grime.

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Re: squeaky suspension R30

Use some 30-40 weight oil where the shafts slide against each oher, even heavier, 90 weight wil work, the tolerances are loose and hopefully it will add some dampening also so it wont be to springy! Insuffient Dampening is what causes the the shock to rise to fast thus bouce you up and down to quick! Heck, I would shove some marine (water resistant grease and would'nt wory about the viscosity, also grease the mounting points and spring seats{the base where the spring rests). Grease everything, ride it, then wipe clean,as needed. WD-40 will only make it squeek worse and actually promote friction,keep us posted! Randel. Hanford California

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Re: squeaky suspension R30

I have a Z-20 that had a real bad squeaky rear suspension like you have and I finally found the source!!!! There is a washer on the outside of the swingarm pivot on both sides of the bike. There are rubber bushings in the swingarm. The washers rub on the rubber bushings when the bike bounces and squeaks like crazy. You can either remove the washers or lube them and that should do it. I would recommend loosening the swing arm pivot and put a little grease behind the washer rather than wd-40 because the grease will last longer. Make sure it's a grease that won't deteriorate the rubber. I just removed my washers and have never had a problem. I thought the swing arm might try to walk to one side or the other with the washers removed but it never has in about 1500 actual miles. The Ohm Depot

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