XM-5000Li and XM-3500Li Comparison (My Experiences)

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Re: XM-5000Li and XM-3500Li Comparison (My Experiences)

Mr. Chen, With respect, I believe you need to rethink the relationship between vehicle weight and regen usefulness. A heavier vehicle will generate more power due to increased inertia but also takes more power to get moving. There is no real relationship between the weight of vehicle and efficacy of regen braking. It is more an issue of how much you use the brakes. Since these scooters are used mostly in city driving and the brakes are not the best I find the regen very helpful.(I switched to a controller w/regen) Including regen feature does absolutely nothing to the reliability of controller.(sorry)And last a six phase motor (should) be more efficient due to to decreased angle and distance of magnet pull,no?. so why just give up? Anyway I hope to see the competition in these vehicles heat up as demand gets bigger. Good luck.

Sincerely Bill
PS Many people have said the small gain in range is not worth it. That's like saying the small gain you get in keeping you're tires properly inflated is not worth it. Is it not?

2008 XM3500li Mods/Kelly KBL12251/84v 28cell 40AH pack/ Variable regen brake trigger on left brake handle/Givi/Cycle Analyst/Homemade BMS

KMX Typhoon Home build (recumbent pedelec) with two Astro Brushless 3220motors/twin castle Phoenix ICEHV 160/ Cycl


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