Lith Ion batteries make XB600 really scoot

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Lith Ion batteries make XB600 really scoot

I found Lith Ion batteries at a resonable price and built a 48 volt system using 15 batteries 16vdc each in series of 3 times 5 modules. Takes up less room and a lot lighter and boy does the scooter scoot. 48vdc charger is used to charge, but that isnt very often. Should anyone want information on the whereabouts of the batteries, or how to assemble the 48vdc pac, let me know.

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Re: Lith Ion batteries make XB600 really scoot

I'm interested in creating my own pack... How much did it cost you? Is it easier said then done?

Let me know.


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Re: Lith Ion batteries make XB600 really scoot

At 600 watts motor, an xb 600 would be a perfect bike to use the packs. Avoid the ebay round cell sellers, some are good, and some real bad. Ping on the other hand, uses a reliable prismatic cell that only a few have had any problems with. The real vendor difference is in the customer service in the few cases where there is a problem. A 48v 20 ah pingbattery would be just the right size for an xb 600. If needed, the battery could be custom made in a different shape to fit the battery box. Range would just about double, and weight decrease by enough to notice for sure. Some of us are getting close to the 1/3 point in the expected lifespan of a ping battery with zero loss of range. The best part of lithium is that you don't have to be so obsessive about recharging immediately after a ride. If you have 20 mile range, and only ride 2 or 3, you can just recharge as needed. You do need the 20 ah pack to lessen the strain on the battery. The extra price saves money since the battery will last longer if the strain on it for each ride is less.

Building your own pack is real cool, A123,s PSI cells and Headways can really put out the juice, but the expense of those cells is not needed for bikes under 1000 watts. If you must save a few bucks and go with a round cell pack from ebay, Cammycc is the most reliable of those sellers.

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