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E-Bike controller


Can any one tell me how to select a controller & motor and what are all the perarmeters to be check befor selecting a controller and

what is the best power for motor and controller which gives more milleage and life

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Re: E-Bike controller

You might get a bit more specific. In general, you pick a motor based on what you need to do, and then pick a controller that goes with the motor, and what you want to do.

A few expamples.

1. I want to ride 18-22 mph, I weigh 185 pounds, and there are no gigantic hills where I'll be riding. Easy, any mid sise, 500 watt motor will do, and about 500 watts is all I need, so a 36v 20 amp controller is all it will take. More controller may never be needed, but if a bigger controller was picked, it might cost more in terms of battery life.

2. I want to ride 30 mph or more, I weigh 230 pounds, and some hills are pretty steep where I ride. For this, a very powerfull motor is needed, and lots of wattage to lug my large self up steep hills. A controler for this job is a 72v 50 amp. None of this is going to make my batteries last long either, so I will be buying the very best, and spending a bucketfull of money on the battery.

And example of a bad match. a cheap 300 watt motor, but I want speed so I put a 72v 50 amp controller and 72v battery on it. With several thousand watts going into a 300 watt motor, smoke pours out pretty soon.

The easy thing to do is buy a kit, that way you get what worked ok for others.

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Re: E-Bike controller

i have a 36v 240watt electric dirt bike. does any body know where i can get a brushed motor for it ??

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