Regenerating silicon batteries

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Regenerating silicon batteries


Can any one tell me how to regenarate the silicon batteries into new batteries am facing more problems on 12V,20ah silicon batteries not giving milieage with in two to three months it is geting fail
can any one tell me how to come out from this problem

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Re: Regenerating silicon batteries

First you need to find out whether the batteries have lost capacity.
to do this you need a known good 12v charger and an AH counter (or a known load and a timer will do).
do you have any of these? can you borrow any of them from someone who does?

if the batteries have lost capacity, there is nothing that can be done, they will need replacing to restore original range.
This is usually the time to upgrade to a better chemistry, or the same chemistry with better management.

But do test the batteries you have now first.


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Re: Regenerating silicon batteries

You can not regenerate a Silicone Battery if it has failed. If you have one bad battery it will cause the range to drop dramatically. You should check the voltage of you batteries after a full charge and check the voltage after you have ridden to max. range. If you have a bad battery it will show up as a low voltage battery compared to the rest. If that is the case you should replace that battery and your range should return to normal.

Eric Fisher

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