New Apple MacBook Battery

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New Apple MacBook Battery

Just throwing out a topic for possible discussion.

Apple claims to have achieved Nirvana from their new MacBook lithium batteries. See the apple website (or just turn on any TV and wait 2 minutes for the ad to come on) for details. Questions for the more knowledgeable in the group:

1. What did they change that give these batteries BOTH more power capacity AND a longer service life?

2. Is this patented by Apply, or is it being applied in other arenas as well?

3. What is being said about the possible use of these improvements (whether by Apple or others) in larger Li battery applications, such as hybrids?

I'm new to the forum, but would welcome any lively discussion that ensues.

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Re: New Apple MacBook Battery

Well, I don't own a television and don't watch television so I know not what advertising program you speak of. You'd think if they're making a splash about some issue that their website would have information about that issue. But I just spent a few minutes looking through their site and can't find anything like what you speak of.

Of course this is Apple we're talking about. Their style is to do deeply intense technology but present it in an ultra clean stylized fashion that erases out the gimmickry of the technology. That means their style is to leave details unspoken and focus on making it look good. Or something like that.

There would have to be patents (Apple's way includes patents) and those are a matter of public record (USPTO.GOV) ... -- says the pack is 45 watt-hours and a 60 watt charger

As for whether these improvements could be used in larger vehicles.. probably not. Large vehicles are a different use than for batteries embedded devices. I've seen some criticism on the focus of Li batteries for vehicles (rather than NiMH for vehicles) because the Li battery makers are focusing on batteries for small widgets rather than batteries for vehicles. On a small widget the current draw is very low, the focus is on long use time hence supporting low current draw on devices that minimize power use. In vehicles the requirement is high power in bursts (acceleration) and medium high power sustained (cruising) at a much higher rate than small widgets require.

Wait.. I just found a video on their site ...

Maybe you're not aware but there's a huge difference between Mac Book Pro and the Mac Book. Also the video discusses this as being for the 17" MBP.

They discuss a smart battery management system that does a better job of tuning the charging cycle to the current condition of the battery. Funny, I thought all the notebook makers did that but perhaps not. In any case large vehicles frequently have battery management systems on-board.

They discuss tweaking the physical design so that there is more room on-board. For a removable battery there is a battery tray, various physical mechanisms, and a door, to enable easily removing the battery pack. The redesign involved making the battery non-removable and therefore they could use a larger space for the battery making it possible to pack more watt-hours on-board. -- The 17" model has a 90 watt-hour battery pack.

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