Controller for Six-Phase Zapino?

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Controller for Six-Phase Zapino?

Hello Voltage Community,

I am building an electric vehicle using Zapino hub motor and controller, and have some questions about this setup.

I stripped all the lights and indicators etc out of the system, and now have only the ignition switch connecting batteries to the dasboard speedometer/voltage monitor, the controller, throttle and motor.

When I turn on the ignition switch, the motor locks up, regardless of whether the main breaker is on or off.

When main power is on, and I give it throttle, the motor turns, but against significant resistance, and will not turn very fast.

This problem used to be only occaisional: Several times with this configuration the ignition switch did not lock up the motor and it was able to go to very high RPMs without any resistance or shuttering. But now it locks up every time without exception.

Mountain Chen says this is a six phase system. It looks like the one he posted a while back.

Any suggestions?

If I have to buy a new controller that is fine, I just want to get the thing running. Are there over the counter controllers compatible with this motor? If not, is there a good place to buy a 2500-3000w 60v hub motor for ten inch wheel, with controller?

thanks for any and all help

kevin smith
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Re: Controller for Six-Phase Zapino?

arr i would be quite intrested in what the problem is .
but i am just guising that water has go insomewhere ??
or the motor is out of sync??
like some kind of motor bike points ??kev
am just guessing as not seen any of the workings
and i bet it is made in italy and wunder if its simlar to lepton-e scooter
i bet it is ???????????

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Re: Controller for Six-Phase Zapino?

hmmm, I'm pretty sure it's made in China -- it's the Mountain Chen stuff, the guts from a Zapino. It all worked well once but now it doesn't. I'm guessing the controller got compromised somehow, not sure though. Ordering another controller but most curious where one can purchase a good 2500w hub motor for 10" wheel with controller.

Water analogy works -- controller has power in, independent of drive power, then the big ol' cables, mains from batts, then the six to motor plus ten or so control wires. I figured it would give me problems, just murphy's law, since i don't have a schematic for this motor. o well.

anyone know where to get a good equivalent? needs to be the ten inch wheel, would like 2500+w with controller

word em ups!

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Re: Controller for Six-Phase Zapino?

ive used controllers before.
very impressive things, programable and does regen.

have yet to try their hub motors, though they do sell several in the 10" size.


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