Brake Levers

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Brake Levers


I recently purchased a pair of inhibit brake levers. I thought they would each have some sort of reed switch arrangment and I would wire them in series and when a lever was pulled it would cut power. I was planning on wiring the coil side of a relay in this series for a brake light.

What I got was a both brake cables terminated in one three position connector. I figured that one of the connectors had one wire from each lever and the other terminals were for the other wires. When I hooked a multimeter to various combinations of the terminals I never saw any change in resistance with the levers open or closed.

Can anyone tell me how these levers work and whether any other type like I envisioned are available and from where?


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Re: Brake Levers

If it has 3 wires it is hall effect based. You need 5V on RED and GRN. The output will vary
between 0 - 4 V depending on position of the brake lever.
You can't use these as a simple switch. You need circuitry in between.

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Re: Brake Levers

What brand and model?
Purchased from where?
What do the instructions say?

Cheers, Gary
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