Folding Electric Car from 1920s

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Folding Electric Car from 1920s

This is a film clip of to females assembling, unfolding a three (3) wheel electric car. The car can be fashioned as either a convertible with side doors or as a front entrance car with full cover for the passenger compartment. The car can be folded up for storage. Presumable it is an all electric drive vehicle for ease of maintenance and to eliminate the the issue of cranking the start motor of the combustion engine of the day. Anyone know more about this vehicle, please send me a message or comment with what you know.

Another electric car similar to this has 4 wheels, is all electric, with a front entrance door. Jay Leno has one. It is called the Baker Electric.

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Re: Folding Electric Car from 1920s

I had never heard of the foldable one!
This is Jay Leno, showing off his..(Baker)
"There were thousands of these in NY around the turn of the century (1907) , and there were charging stations everywhere!"

It's worth taking a look around in his videos, he reviewed (among others) the Vectrix, a Zero Motorcycle, a Tesla and a Mini-E.


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