Exkate X-24 Powerboard

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Exkate X-24 Powerboard

I currently have an Exkate X-24 Powerboard (skateboard). It uses a 24 volt, 750 watt motor with 4 ea. 12 volt, 9 amp hour sealed lead acid batteries in series and parallel for a total of 24 volts and 18 amp hours. I would like to convert to LiFePO4 batteries and have found battery packs that will fit within my battery case. The problem is that they are rated for up to 350 watts (24 volt, 12 amp hour). Is this due to the (battery management system)? Could the BMS be modified to work with a 750 watt motor? I am new to electric vehicles and would appreciate any help and information that anyone can provide me.

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Re: Exkate X-24 Powerboard

Why are they rated to 350 watts? That's only 14 Amps. Are they very small batteries?

I have just replaced the sealed lead acid batteries in my X-24 with a 10 amp hour 22 volt Lithium (LiCoO2) battery, and it's rated at 600 amps peak, i.e. about 13,000 watts - or 18 horsepower.

Basically, if you assume the motor will take (say) 2000w when starting, then that's about 80 amps. So long as your battery pack will deliver that you should be fine.

NB. Lithium batteries will almost certainly catch fire if you overload them, so you might want to get bigger batteries than that. They will also be permanently damaged if you run them below 3volts per cell.

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Re: Exkate X-24 Powerboard

Hey there's an X-24 currently listed on Ebay. Thoughts? Worth it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/131909600035

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