Star/Delta motor switching

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Star/Delta motor switching

I have seen a few discussions about Star/Delta motor switching over the years. Apparently its known with industrial motors. The way I understand it, starting in Star reduces start-up current draw, but once running, switching to Delta if more efficient?

Rather than have two coil wires coming out of a DC motor that is internally permanently wired as either Star or Delta, the 3 phases have two wires each coming out of the motor, for a total of 6 wires. This allows external switches to configure the motor as Star or Delta at will.

Would this have a result similar to a 2-speed transmission? More torque when starting, and more top speed after switching up?

Past discussions have been somewhat theoretical, and one enthusiast has decided to actually experiment and record results. He sounds enthusiastic, so I am curious as to all the potential benefits and drawbacks of this mod. It is something that I could actually do myself...

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