2010 Aptera 2e - First Drive Review - Car and Driver

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2010 Aptera 2e - First Drive Review - Car and Driver

2010 Aptera 2e - First Drive Review

They expect to be able to build 5000 per year initially, and 20,000 per year if/when a new facility is built.

"The LED taillamps double as a charge indicator when the vehicle is plugged in, illuminating in 25-percent increments from left to right across the back. A full charge is possible in eight hours from a 110-volt outlet or two to four hours with a 220-volt source. ... The Aptera 2e—so named for its passenger count and electric motor, although gas and extended-range series hybrid models are also “on the drawing board”—started out as a featherweight, minimalist, efficiency-focused proposition ... The current electric motor, mounted up front, has the equivalent of about 70 hp and gets its juice from lithium-based batteries (of a still-undisclosed composition) with 17 to 22 kWh of capacity. Range should be about 100 miles with two people and a healthy amount of cargo onboard. ... "

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