Test rides of the Nissan EV-02 electric car

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Test rides of the Nissan EV-02 electric car

The Nissan EV-02 was in San Francisco last week for test rides. I almost went but something or other kept me at home instead. Fortunately some news coverage is available.

Test-driving the Nissan EV-02 electric car

...Nissan does have plans of bringing a hybrid vehicle to the market soon (potentially a plug-in), he also made it clear that Nissan views electric vehicles as the only way to meet emissions requirements.... laminated lithium ion battery tech ... The battery was developed by Nissan in partnership with semiconductor manufacturer NEC. ... The charging station utilizes 220-volt power ... can be charged at standard 110-volt outlets, but the charge time is considerably longer ... estimated 100 miles before depleting its battery. ... we were quite impressed with the linear acceleration..and its willingness to move ...

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