Does EVT 168 seat two people?

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Does EVT 168 seat two people?

Or should I just go for the EVT 4000e?

Thanks for any help

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Re: Does EVT 168 seat two people?

Both of these scooters would be pretty marginal for carrying two riders - both from seating room and available power. They both would have to be pretty small riders.

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Re: Does EVT 168 seat two people?

I'm a fairly small guy at 5'9" and 140 lbs, and wouldn't want to ride two people on my 168. The seat really isn't designed for it, and I agree: the speed/range would cut down a lot. I love the bike as a one person ride on surface streets.


kevin smith
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Re: Does EVT 168 seat two people?

hi rob humm. not too shore if i agree.
on that but have a look on ( otleyshev 68 ).......its my two videos on youtube as think you may have a laff
if nothing else..
well think that if if has a pacle shelf you could fit a foam insert on it ??
or i am shore i have seen an extended on on the net .will have a look for you .
all best evt 4000e me 5.8" my weight 14 stone .my son 5.7" weight 8 stone both on scooter 60 miles total
not bad ehh + free food from the wild free power from the sun .
how cheap am i from yorkshire england
we like it nise n cheap now .whers my whippet and flat cap
uww look at the time its elevenses time for a good old cup of tea and a scone
good day to you sir.

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