What type of Motor?

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What type of Motor?


I have an old Flyer from BKtech (now Biketec). It does no longer run, the Motor just blocks. Since I already bought two months ago a new battery pack (with intergrated contoller) I am a bit upset &รง%&*%&*.....
So I decided to use my "own" controller from any EV Kit. This is more interesting ...

The motor has five input pins. Two large ones and three thin ones.
The large one are the ones used in cars. Obviously transporting the Power. The other three pins probably transport a rotating information.

When I switch on the bike, the motor does not spin but just hinders me from pedaling.
When I take my Power supply and apply 30V DC,3A to it, the motor behaves the same.

The Motor is rated: 36V DC, 185W.

My experience with DC motors is that start spinning as soon you apply some power.

Does somebody has a good guess what this motor needs/is based on the data I mentioned above?
If somebody can help me, it would be very nice.

Best regards

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Re: What type of Motor?

It's likely a brushless motor

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