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Osiris Electric Bicycles

Hello my name is Roman and I will be representing Osiris Electric Bicycles. Currently, I am the West Coast representative here in The Bay Area (San Fransico & Berkeley). The company of Osiris is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My goal is to give accurate information pertaining to our bicycles via forum. I feel that it is crucial for the customer to get the facts from the primary source, which is myself. Not only does the buyer benifit by bypassing rumors, it benifits us too.

We appreciate instant feedback on what enthuthiast and commuters prefer in an electric bicycle. Consequently, we also want to know what you, the enthuthiast or commuter, could live without. After all, it makes no sense in selling an electric bicycle that is out of touch with serious riders. This is why we build each bike to order.

In addition to electric bicycles, I am an enthusiast of regular bicycles. I have accumulated a variety of bikes such as: a Specialized Langster, a Bianchi San Jose and a 24 gear Mongoose (that I converted into an 8 gear bicycle). This being said, I become intersted in electric bicycles because of the cost, comfort, reliability, and the simplicity. The primary advantage I have found in an electric hybrid was that I have maximum comfort and I never have to break a sweat while going up a hill. Comfort and peak efficiency, ebikes have the best of both worlds.

Fortunately this forum allows me to elaborate on the essentials of an electric bicycle, which is the battery / motor and quality components. In order to better accomodate buyers, close up pictures are inlcuded on the website.

Hope to hear any questions that you may have.
*If the questions become too numourous, I will begin an additional forum with Osiris.


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