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Clock - XM5000Li

This information has just arrived at our headquarters. While no undercover operatives were harmed bringing this vital information to your attention, we can confirm that at least one screwdriver was dropped. We want to send our condolences to the family of this un-named warrior in the quest for knowledge.

The clock in the instrument panel of the XM-5000Li is a battery powered device completely independent of the bike's electrical system. It can be easily removed from the inside of the instrument panel once said panel is removed from the bike. This isn't as simple.

The battery is a single GP186 alkaline cell that is easily replaced by turning the small door on the back of the clock.


In the fashion of all $0.23 clocks of this type (like the ones sold for $4 at any auto parts store), it's set by using the two buttons installed on the front for this purpose.


Upon installing a new battery, the clock will proudly anounce to the world that it's exactly 12:00. And if left alone, the clock will continue it's suggestion well into the following week. This must not be tolerated.

Pressing the bottom button twice brings up a single digit on the left of the screen. Pressing the top button will advance the number. Since the only options are 1 thru 12, we assume these are for the month. Pick one you like and move on by pressing the bottom button again.

The digit on the right will appear as the digit on the left disappears. We've confirmed that these numbers begin at 1 and increment by 1 with each press of the top button until the number reaches 31. We chose to set our right digit to the day of the month. Set it to whatever number you'd like to see here and press the bottom button once.

Now it get's more complicated.

The display at this point is 1: A Keep pressing the top button until you select the hour. Yes - if you keep pressing, it will move to PM. We don't know why, as the device does not appear to display either AM or PM when in use.

Pressing the bottom button moves to the minute display. Again, use the top button to move thru the minutes until you set the minute you like best. Our lead analyst chose to select the NEXT minute to appear on the device computer clock.

One last press on the bottom button will bring you to your set hour:minute display. The : will not be blinking. Just as it did when first brought to life, the clock will proudly proclaim it to be, for example, 9:31 forever without a nudge back into reality. Do that by pressing the top button once when your selected minute rolls around on a 'real' clock.

After a quick flash of the month/day, the clock will show the current time. This time the : will be flashing. All is well at this point.

We found no signs of radioactive substances or abnormal chemicals in or on the device. This led our analysts to believe that if the programmer makes a mistake setting the date and/or time, that the device probably would not explode or otherwise contaminate the room. Our device seems to react positively to simply pressing the bottom button to restart the programming process. Yours may or may not. You have been warned.

Carry On.

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Re: Clock - XM5000Li

Good work Sherlock!

Setting AM or PM hours is so the clock knows when to change the date.
Since it does not know the year, February probably has only 28 days.

After the clock is "running" (the ":" is blinking), one can see the date (month and day) for a moment by pressing (most likely) the top button.

This feature is most useful if, as an undercover "spy" with two different identities, you are supposed to return "home" (on your e-scooter) to one of two different homes, depending upon the odd or even day of the month.
Sure, that system is not totally fair, giving slightly more time to the "odd" family.

Cheers, Gary
XM-5000Li, wired for cell voltage measuring and logging.

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Re: Clock - XM5000Li

This tape will self destruct in 15 seconds.

2008 XM3500li Mods/Kelly KBL12251/84v 28cell 40AH pack/ Variable regen brake trigger on left brake handle/Givi/Cycle Analyst/Homemade BMS

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