overvolting motors

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overvolting motors

From the way I understand it so far, overvolting an electric motor generates the most harm to the motor when starting from a dead stop. Apparently when overvolting, this is when it likes to weld itself together. My question is, would adding a centrifical clucth(minibike clutch) resolve some of the starting/stopping damage when overvolting?

Thanks, and please keep in mind, I am a beginner!

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Re: overvolting motors

How much are you planning on over-volting? I've not heard of the problem you mentioned. I think the general consensus is that a 25 to 33 percent over-volt is generally safe. I've been running a 1000watt 36v motor at 48v for about 6 months now with no problems. That said, I think it is generally a good idea to kick your scooter up to 1-3 mph (not hard to do) before hitting the throttle. This will be easier on the system as a whole and prolong your battery life.

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Re: overvolting motors

It's more a matter of watts per minuuite, and how many minuites. More watts = less minuites. When you start up, you will pull a nice big amp spike, witch is more watts. I destroyed two motors, one in 400 miles, the other in 4, see if you can guess how I was riding when I smoked one in 4 miles. And yes, it was overvolted from 24 to 36v, and had a controller with twice the normal amps.

So the answer as it often is, is it depends. 1 overvolted, not so bad, 2 over amped, getting worse, 3 ride like a maniac and now it's a destruction test. Any two I might have been ok for awhile, but all three, no way.

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