Help: Battery selection

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Help: Battery selection


I discovered this forum and have been educating myself everyday! I'm thankful for this forum and all of the great information! I'm new to EV and sorry in advance for some potentially stupid questions.

I've been designing my recumbent trike (2 steering wheels in front and 1 pedal-powered wheel in back). I laced up the rear wheel w/ a 20" rim and a disc hub. I plan on connecting a sprocket to the disc hub and driving it w/ an electric motor.

I found a Kollmorgan 24V 300W motor w/ CCW rotation and internal controller. The CCW is perfect for my application. I plan on using a 24V 15Ah LiFePO4 battery from (found it through this site - thanks!)

I can't seem to find specs on this motor... Does anyone know what the internal controller is rated up to and the RPM? I've read I can get more power by overvolting. Would a 36V 10Ah battery work? Is there anything that I need to be concerned with? Any draw backs?

Thank you in advance!

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