Charging Ahead: the Case for Plug-in Hybrid Cars

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Charging Ahead: the Case for Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Charging Ahead: the Case for Plug-in Hybrid Cars

A video on goes into electric vehicles.

Electric cars are making a come-back. Building on the success of hybrid cars that are powered by both gasoline and electricity, the plug-in hybrid is the next logical step in reducing carbon emissions and dependence on oil. The next steps are outlined by the IEEE in its 11-minute video, Charging Ahead: the Case for Plug-in Hybrid Cars, which describes how plug-in vehicles will enable consumers to use electricity instead of gas to power cars for local driving.

In this video, experts discuss both the potential as well as technical and economic challenges of bringing plug-in cars to the mass market. IEEE interviewed leading engineers, business leaders and public policy experts, including Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy; Don Hillebrand, Argonne National Lab; Ric Fulop, A123 Systems; John Meredith, IEEE-USA ; Leslie J. Goldman, Skadden, Arps; Kirsten Olsen,; Alan Shedd, Jackson EMC; David E. Goldstein, EVA/DC; Andrew Tang, PG&E Paul Scott, Plug-In-America; Russell Lefevre, IEEE-USA; Paul Werbos, NSF; and Senator Maria Cantwell, Washington State, who is a co-sponsor of legislation that includes incentives to encourage plug-in car development..

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