Brammo Hires Vectrix And GM Execs

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Brammo Hires Vectrix And GM Execs

Brammo Hires Vectrix And GM Execs

The point here is that Brammo is hiring several experienced people on the cusp of launching sales of their electric motorcycle. IIRC the cost of a Brammo bike is similar to the Vectrix, however it's a very different style than the Vectrix (e.g. no cargo capacity).

Electric Motorcycle Readies for Launch; Brammo Adds Industry Leaders to Executive Team

ASHLAND, Ore., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Brammo, a start-up manufacturer of electric vehicles, set to launch the Enertia, the first motorcycle in their lineup has added three industry leaders to its executive team. These staff additions bring deep knowledge and experience in brand building, channel development, operations and electric propulsion from the transportation and technology industries.

Brammo has hired John Farris as the Director of Marketing. Farris, a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, was a Brand Marketing Manager for GM's Chevrolet Silverado, the Vice President of Commercial Development for AMA Pro Racing and a Founder of the leading motorsports marketing consultancy, Hardcard Holdings, whose clients included Toyota, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Vespa, Red Bull and may others. At Brammo, Farris will lead marketing, brand development and communications.

Adrian Stewart, who joins Brammo as the Director of Channel Development, will lead the organizations retail strategy and manage the business relationships necessary to grow the Brammo brand. Stewart brings extensive global management and leadership experience in high technology, finance and startup internet organizations including IBM, Kleinwort Benson and Dresdner Bank.

Roger Gerson joins Brammo as the Electrical Engineering Manager and will head up the electrical engineering function on the Enertia as well as future Brammo products. Gerson comes to Brammo from Vectrix Electrics where he was instrumental in launching production of the Vectrix Maxiscooter, one of the early entries to the electric vehicle market. Roger's past associations include; iRobot, Brooks Automation, Avidyne, and Safe Flight Instrument Corporation. Roger earned a BS-Engineering from Northwestern University, and an MS-Engineering from Boston University. Roger is a bicycle and motorsport enthusiast who enjoys 2-wheeling, 4-wheeling, and sledding.

"The expertise of these new team members positions Brammo for industry leadership and will help us to accomplish our goals of helping create a new transportation segment that is both environment friendly and fun," said Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo. "We're looking forward to the opportunities ahead for the EV market and to driving sustainable innovation with this team."

Brammo is actively hiring to further grow its team. Please see for more information.

About Brammo

Brammo ( is a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer developing sustainable performance products for the next generation of transportation. Through integration of digital engineering and high impact design, Brammo transforms ideas into compelling products. Located in Ashland, Oregon the company was founded in 2002 and is a privately held.

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Re: Brammo Hires Vectrix And GM Execs

Defections from Vecrix? I wonder if this is a sign they are truly cooked.

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Re: Brammo Hires Vectrix And GM Execs

Hi Dave - long time no see! Or was I just reading the wrong posts?

With regard to the news David posted - and this is extremely arrogant but..

Wrong move guys! Your bike is WAY too expensive (but it is pretty though - at $15K and $12K it sure better be) and the guys at Vectrix didn't manage to sell their overly expensive bikes either. My guess is that is because the traditional sales model ain't going to cut it. Hiring Vectrix and GM folks smacks of trying to do the same traditional channel thing again but expecting different results (isn't that the definition of idiocy? or is it madness?)

Of course I doubt Brammo execs read this forum. EVMFG execs do though. We actively participate as well (through me as the mouthpiece - but I'm not the only one). Think about that.

Oh yeah, and how long have we been reading about this bike for now? 2 years? 3 years? Are you building the frames one carbon fiber strand at a time?

Flame on! ;-)

p.s. this is somewhat in jest and somewhat for real. I'll let the discerning reader choose which bits to consider which.

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