Brake switch/screw loose

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Brake switch/screw loose

After having to pull over for an ambulance the other day when I tried to go again...nothing. I pushed the bike to a safe place and flipped the circuit breaker off then on again and the bike worked. I drove a short distance and it happened again. This time I flipped the breaker nothing...key off on nothing. I thought, shoot pushing the envelope caught up with me. I switched my iso switches to switch back to 20 cells and cycled the breaker and key again and crossed my fingers. The bike made it's weird little grunt and off I went. I drove about a half mile home and pulled in my driveway. It did it again, only this time I FINALLY SAW that the brake switch was activated. I realized my break switch was sticking. I tried a little lube and it was better but still stuck once and a while. Then I noticed that the whole brake handle assembly was a little loose. I took off the plastic shroud around it and saw that one of the bolts on the right side was ready to fall out. They were all pretty loose. I used locktite and tightened them and the problem was still there. Then I saw that the little box that houses the switch had to be repositioned forward a little,(screw loose) it's held on with 1 phillips screw. The moral of the story...keep a phillips head screwdriver real handy or put some locktite on your break switch screw. The switch is working fine now.

Bill- XM 3500li

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