controler mods for 48 volt??? HELP PLEASE

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controler mods for 48 volt??? HELP PLEASE

I am trying or would like to know if there is any mods I can make to the controller on my scooter by veloteq I have removed the govener wires and got about 5 more kil now is there anything else I can do to this controler the scooter tops out now around 37-38 kil the specs are listed below

Type Lube injection gear reduction BLDC motor
Rated Voltage 48V
Specified Output 500w
Highest Idle RPM 400rpm
Fixed torque/corresponding rotational speed- 22Nm/284rpm
Maximum torque/corresponding rotational speed- 64Nm/25rpm
Idle operation electric current 1.8A
Operating current 12A
Overload Protection 600V Circuit Breaker

Type Computer controlled switching and power regulation
Rated power 750W

Power Supply Unit
Batteries 48V/20Ah (4 x 12v/20AH Valve Regulated

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Re: controler mods for 48 volt??? HELP PLEASE

You can do a torque mod to your controller to increase the AMPs going to your motor. This will increase your E-Bikes acceleration and hill climbing power. But it will not increase your speed. To increase your speed you will have to add more batteries in series to increase the voltage. Then replace your controller and DC to DC controller to models that will handle the higher voltage. Then buy a charger to charge at the higher voltage. This can get expensive for just a increase in speed of 5-15kph only.

Ken Finch

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