Advice needed on value of this Kit!

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Advice needed on value of this Kit!

I've been following the posts on this website for a little while now (its a brilliant source of learning for me) and am just about ready to finally make a move to buy a conversion kit for my 700c bike! Its difficult to source one here from the republic of Ireland, but this one is available from the UK... so I would be grateful for any opinions! This kit is from Alien Bikes (who have a really good reputation!), how does it compare with regard to value for money.

its £419 English pounds or about 638 Dollars

Its a 36 volt 10 Ah Lithium ion kit,
250 watt motor (Controller set for max draw of 15amps: 540watts at peak),
front wheel driven,
charging time 4 to 6 hours,
range 25 to 40 miles,

The links can be seen at:

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