60v controler on 48 volt system??

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60v controler on 48 volt system??

Im wondering if I instal a 60v controller on my 48 volt system will I get an increase in speed at all or is it just a waste of money the specs for my scooter are below v

Type Lube injection gear reduction BLDC motor
Rated Voltage 48V
Specified Output 500w
Highest Idle RPM 400rpm
Fixed torque/corresponding rotational speed- 22Nm/284rpm
Maximum torque/corresponding rotational speed- 64Nm/25rpm
Idle operation electric current 1.8A
Operating current 12A
Overload Protection 600V Circuit Breaker

Type Computer controlled switching and power regulation
Rated power 750W

Power Supply Unit
Batteries 48V/20Ah (4 x 12v/20AH Valve Regulated Absorbed Glass Mat)
Weight 62 lb

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Re: 60v controler on 48 volt system??

This is basically the exact same motor I have on my Luyuan Condor E-Bike from Mobility Unlimited in Toronto. Putting a 60 volt controller in a 48v system will do absolutly nothing till you increase the battery voltage. Also if your E-Bike has a DC to DC converter you may have to replace that with another unit that can handle the higher voltage.

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Re: 60v controler on 48 volt system??

My recommendation based on 100's of applications is to do the following on your ride.
1) Add a 72v hi-amp controller
2) Replace 48v DC converter with 75v
3) Add a 16v Li-ion battery pac to raise your voltage to 64v
4) Use your 60v charger

See my other post on what you can expect from this upgrade on a 500w motor

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