Ego Cycle 2

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Ego Cycle 2

Bicycle scooter or Moped?
I like the way they deive but what is it? Are they the top selling cycle?

Also anybody have a Thunderstruck Jackal?
if so how about a report?

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Re: Ego Cycle 2

Depends on where you live.

In California, the DMV considers the eGO to be a "Moped", which requires paying a one-time fee of $19.00 for a special license plate and I.D. card. You do not have to renew every year, and no special license is necessary. Your vehicle is not "registered" in the traditional sense, but there is a record of ownership on file with the DMV. I learned all of this after checking the vehicle code and double checking with the DMV.

I purchased the LX model last week. So far, I really like it!

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