Saw/touched a Fisker Karma

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Saw/touched a Fisker Karma

Today Fisker Automotive was in San Jose, CA showing their cars. It was the launch of a car dealership, FISKER Silicon Valley, as a sub-dealership of Toyota of Sunnyvale. On hand they had political people from San Jose, the CEO of Coulomb Technologies, some people from Fisker, including Heinrick Fisker, ..etc.. and a few EV enthusiasts such as myself. I took some pictures and video and will have it online within a day or two. I'm most tickled that I got to interview Felix Kramer, the Founder of CalCars.

About the car ...

Well, it's really snazzy. It's very sleek, leather seats, etc. However the rear seats aren't large enough for anybody to fit into so I wonder why they're even there. Especially as the trunk is a little small. And to demonstrate who they're targeting the trunk had a pair of golf club bags in it.

But it's not my cuppatea.. e.g. can't haul a motorcycle trailer behind it, so it's no use to me.

But I think the most important thing is to keep shattering the old image of electric vehicles. I talked with one guy who had previously worked at Tesla, and currently works for Coulomb. He said early on at Tesla the meme was that first they had to completely and utterly shatter the image that electric vehicle == boring old golf cart, then they could move on to other vehicles.

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