Attention ebike riders in Michigan

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Here is a snapshot of some current legislation and a recommendation for other legislation that will benefit cyclists and other “vulnerable roadway users.” Please contact your state legislators and urge them to support these measures and pass this email along to others.

Senate Bill 529 and (and the ensuing House version) - This bill provides penalties for drivers guilty of causing an accident involving “vulnerable roadway users.” It is good as far as it goes but the definition only includes human powered bikes and skates. It should also include mobility devices such as powered and non-motorized wheelchairs, low-speed electric bicycles, low-speed mopeds and perhaps Segway type devices.

Senate Version of House Bill 4680 - Current law only allows civil damages from injuries that result in permanent injury or disfigurement. This bill lowers the threshold to allow for civil suits for injuries that are not permanent, but, require surgery or other treatment that one can recover from and not totally lose a bodily function and the ability to work.

Motor Vehicle Code - Currently for an accident to be reportable and qualify for re-imbursement under Michigan no fault insurance there must be a collision. An accident that results from a vulnerable roadway user taking an evasive action to prevent a collision is not considered a reportable accident. The motor vehicle code should be amended to address this by specifially stating that there need not be a collision and/or a definition of accident should be added to include injuries sustained by a vulnerable roadway user taking evasive action to prevent a collision. If a state law is in conflict with common sense and the laws of physics the only option is to change the state law.

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