ZENN Motor Company Confirms EEStor claims re: permittivity

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ZENN Motor Company Confirms EEStor claims re: permittivity


... The verification process followed by ZMC was compliant with its Technology Agreement with EEStor. The Company contracted with Professional Testing (EMI), Inc. (PTI) located in Round Rock, Texas to verify calibration and suitability of the test equipment to accurately measure capacitance over a defined temperature range in order to determine permittivity. ...

Texas-based EEStor disclosed that it had over-achieved on the key Technology Agreement milestone of permittivity levels for its Composition Modified Barium Titanate powders (CMBT), the main material in their ultracapacitor energy storage technology. The tests undertaken by the Company as outlined above confirmed the attainment of a relative permittivity of at least 22,500 over an operating temperature range of -20 to +65 degrees centigrade.

... Energy storage is directly proportional to permittivity, so by having attained a permittivity level that is at least 21 percent higher than the target stated within the Technology Agreement, even higher energy density is possible at the same working voltage over the temperature range of -20 to +65 degrees centigrade. ...

The EEStor EESU is expected to outperform every chemical battery on the market in terms of energy density, charge time, cost, and overall performance. According to EEStor, their energy storage technology is expected to provide the following key characteristics once commercialized:

- A fraction of the weight and volume of the most advanced chemical battery technology for the equivalent amount of energy storage

- The EESU will not contain any hazardous materials

- The EESU's storage capacity will NOT be reduced by extremes in temperature

- Being a solid-state ceramic device, the EESU's storage capacity and life expectancy will NOT be reduced with extensive charge-recharge cycles

- The EESU is capable of recharging at electronic speeds

- The EESU will be comprised of constituent powders that are fully recyclable

- The EESU will not suffer from self-discharge and can be stored for months in a fully charged state with minimal loss of energy

- The EESU will be priced attractively relative to advanced chemical batteries and will allow for viable and affordable electric vehicles


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