Vectrix California Registration Saga

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Vectrix California Registration Saga

Just bought a Vectrix a couple of weeks ago. Took it to the California DMV to get it registered. First problem was that the VIN number was out of spec. There is a digit that is supposed to be used to specify the year and mine was an 'S'. I got passed that and then ran into the real problem - engine number. Even though they entered the code to say the Vectrix was electric, the DMV computer wants an engine number. So I was referred to the local highway patrol office for vehicle inspection. I finally stopped by there this morning. I showed them the bike and the owner's manual. I thought I was doing well, but then the officer told me he would need to do some research and get back to me. I am now supposed to wait for a call and an appointment (which could take a couple of months). So right now it's government 2, Zz 0.

Anyone else run into this engine number problem? I'd love to know how it turned out.



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Re: Vectrix California Registration Saga

The VIN was already discussed and it seems despite the number is wrongly formated some members finally got it registered in the US. Have a look at this thread:


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Re: Vectrix California Registration Saga

Have you contacted your dealer yet?

Your DMV officer obviously is new to Vectrix, but your dealer has dealt with these issues before. Putting him in touch with your DMV guy might save you days, weeks or months of waiting.

California is one of the early states that took on Vectrix sales. There should be enough of them on the books to have a good precedance by now. You just gotta get the "been there's" to communicate with the "newbies", that's all.

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Re: Vectrix California Registration Saga

Welcome to my world. I went through the same frustration in California. I had to go the the DMV 3 times. The last time I had to insist they give me a provisional registration and they said Sacramento might kick it back. They never did and all is fine.
If you buy from an in state dealer they should take care of the registration, but if not, you are on your own. There are many registered in California.
My advice would be to call the DMV in Sacramento and talk to someone who helped me.
I dug up the number from last August 916-657-7948. I can't remember her name but she was helpful. This is a special department that deals with these type of problems.
You can tell them that I (Scott Warner) talked to them last August about this same issue. Good Luck

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Re: Vectrix California Registration Saga

I discovered I have the same problem with the VIN when I went to insure my new Vectrix yesterday. After going round-and-round with the home office, the agent ultimately issued an insurance binder with an altered VIN number (the only way their system would accept it) and promised to request a correction for the final policy. Given the surliness of the DMV in Washington, DC, I was already expecting headaches galore from the out of spec VIN when I discovered a new wrinkle: the "W..W" code in my bike's VIN indicates that it's intended for the international market. So, here's my next question: is this typical? Has anyone else registered a Vectrix in the US that has a "W..W" code in place of the "U..S" code? For that matter, has anyone registered a Vectrix in DC yet?

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Re: Vectrix California Registration Saga

You should be able to show the previously Mentioned VIN information. THe other problem that you will run into is with regard to Engine Number. Its required on all motorcycles. It turns out that the swingarm is a part of the motor, and each swingarm has a number engraved in it. That is the number you should use for engine number. If you are sitting on the bike, its on the underside of the swingarm on the left side forward the motor hub.

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