Relocating the Controller on XB-500

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Relocating the Controller on XB-500

Over the winter, I had my XB-500 in my basement. I wanted to do some testing with other controllers, but most of all, I wanted to change the location of the controller so it was under the seat, closer to the motor.

The reason was to gain efficiency by eliminating voltage drop over long wires. In the original configuration, the controller is located in the front shroud of the bike, the battery is in the middle, and the hub motor is, of course, located at the rear. That means that wire has to carry high current from the battery up to the the controller, and then from the controller back to the motor, and from the motor back to the controller.

In addition, this gave me a chance to place the 30A fuseholder in a more accessible location.

My complete blog of how I did the relocation is on my website at:

Relocating the XB-500 Controller

I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to relocate their controller.

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