e-crazyman 600w Brushless Controller for XB-500, can it handle 72v?

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and this is my first post although I have been reading the forum for the last couple of months. I have done a few mods already to my xb-500 (60v mod, shunt mod, made my own torque arm) and made a few other changes which I will probably post about at some point.

Anyway, I am now considering going to 72v, the extra bump in speed would be really nice since a lot of the road I travel on when I commute to work are 30mph. I actually have an XB-600 controller installed right now (due to a mistake on xtreme's part with a warranty replacement) and it runs great, this controller seems to work a lot smoother than the original XB-500 controller I had.

So I want to go to 72v and I was going to order another controller to have as a backup but then I decided to look around to see if I could just buy a decent controller that could already handle 72v without putting in new capacitors or mosfets (changing 12 mosfets does not sound fun to me). I looked at e-crazymans 72v controller but it is 1500w and I am afraid the max current of 45 amps would drain my 12 AHr batteries way too quickly. Has anyone here gotten the 600w brushless controller rated for 48v from e-crazyman recently? This one:


I read some older posts where it seems people claim they got a version of this controller that had mosfets and caps rated high enough for a 72v system and I am wondering if that is still the case. The posts I read said he basically uses the same components as the 72v rated 1500w controller and just limits the output to 600w instead which would be great. I have tried contacting e-crazyman for information via email and on ebay but it seems I am being ignored since I have not gotten a response after a few days.

I don't really want to spend more than about $100 including shipping to get a controller that will work at 72v so if this one will do the job I definitely will pick it up. Otherwise I guess I will just order another XB-600 controller from xtreme and hit up digikey for the mosfets and caps and do it myself.

Thanks for the help and happy modding!

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Re: e-crazyman 600w Brushless Controller for XB-500, can it ...

Actually, some have used the stock xb600 controller at 72V. Though i am sure before they start up the bike they discharge the initial 80 some Volts down to the 72. The stock controller can handle 72V but not the 81V that the pack has after a full charge. If the crazy man is rated at 72V all should be fine and the 45 Amps should not be a problem as with the Shunt mod the stock xb600 can peak around 40Amps if I am not mistaken.....


Dave ; Tennessee

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