Help! Need mobility scooter battery wiring advice

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Help! Need mobility scooter battery wiring advice

Originally posted in the "Other EV's" section, sorry.

Greetings. I have a dilemma with a three wheel electric mobility scooter. If I have posted in the wrong topic section please excuse me as I am new here, and please tell me where to re-post.

My problem is that my 82 year old neighbor has decided to change the batteries in his mobility scooter. I advised him to wait but he went ahead and bought four 12volt motorcycle batteries (glass mat type, I sure hope they work for this application) and he has already removed the old batteries. He did not mark anything or take any photos, so he is lost and I'm going to need help to get him back on the road (well, sidewalk, anyway). So, what I know is as follows:

Scooter brand name is "Panterra" the only model I have is "item no. 06028, 500w 3-Wheel".
It is made in China, the distributor, "Nikota" has a non-existent website listed on the manual,

The motor is 24 volt, and there are four 12 volt batteries with a toggle switch for using (discharging to the motor) one pair or the other at a time. That is to say, he can drive until the batteries go flat, then flip the switch and drive back home. Plugging in the charger (28-29 volt output, three prong, "Intelligent Charger") charges all four batteries regardless of the switch position.

Where I'm at:
I've Googled this topic from almost every angle, and this site seems to hold more hope for information and help than anything else out there, hands down.

Where the scooter is at:
Most of the wiring is intact, except for the batteries being taken out and one wire pulled loose from the charger socket. I can take pictures, post them on a service and display them here. I have a fair understanding of DC circuits and can read a diagram, but personally I've mostly worked with AC (not counting things like computers). Had I gotten a look at this thing before he made spaghetti out of it, there would not be a problem.

What I'm hoping:
It would be great if someone had a diagram for this type of scooter, but I can work it out if someone can give some tips from another four battery, split discharge system.

Thanks for your time and attention, and any help you can offer.
Ray (aka FatDog)

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