Exclusive photo: finished MotoCzysz E1pc revealed, claiming V-MAX-beating acceleration

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Exclusive photo: finished MotoCzysz E1pc revealed, claiming V-MAX-beating acceleration

More details of the MotoCzysz E1pc: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/New-bikes/2009/June/jun0409-E1pc-exclusive-picture/

Not only does it look the business, but Czysz says it’ll do 0-120mph in 7-8 seconds and have the most advanced battery packs at the electric TT.

That’s as fast as a Suzuki GSX-R1000 and potentially quicker accelerating than the new Yamaha V-MAX, tested by MCN at 8.14sec.

Czysz says: “In the latest video [which you can see below] the bike went from 0–120 in less than 11 seconds and that was with a very slow, 3 second roll on. Plus we were running only 75% of our race battery pack."

They also went for hot-swappable packs to allow for owner flexibility. It's not mentioned but of course hot swappable packs mean the potential for an endurance race such as the one Zero Motorcycles ran in April.

Czysz is lyrical in summing up the project that will see a MotoCzysz compete in an FIM-santioned race for the first time: “In less than five months we took a suggestion and turned it into a motorcycle.

"A motorcycle that is unlike anything I have ever ridden. No gas, no oil, no clutch, no need to even warm up the engine – no engine.

"Gone is the age-old ritual of rhythmical throttle blips that can audible seduce a motorcyclist into a pre-ride trance – now your bike waits for you. Enter what may be the next big thing in motorcycles; invisible, nearly silent and magically linear power.”

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Re: Exclusive photo: finished MotoCzysz E1pc revealed, ...

Wow, I thought he was still perfecting the C1, I would love to be on his team!

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