vego sx-600 batteries and possiblities

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vego sx-600 batteries and possiblities

new to this site, would appreciate help
I have a vego sx-600 electric scooter. They have been discontinued, I'm looking to find batteries to get it running again. It has 2 batteries that fit in the case on the bottom. They are marked as follows
MH 25221
12V 11AH
2 1/2" wide x 11 1/2" long x 5" high
any help would be appreciated

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Re: vego sx-600 batteries and possiblities

Hi I have a Vego 600 as well but mine is not stock. Vego used a nonstandard battery shape and it's not possible to get a direct replacement battery. For example has a listing on their store but it's been marked as "out of stock" for over a year.

If you want to keep your Vego stock e.g. with the stock controller you'll have to pay attention to the geometry.

My Vego 600 doesn't have the stock controller. I have 3x 12volt 12ah SLA batteries in mine, and a 36 volt controller and the stock motor. It is a relatively easy conversion, and the scooter is a lot more powerful at 36 volts than at 24 volts.

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Re: vego sx-600 batteries and possiblities

The folks over at were supplying us a few years back with these packs. Not sure if they still have them, but I do recall at one point they offered a conversion pack as well.

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Re: vego sx-600 batteries and possiblities

hi there. i have a few vego sx-600s. i can't say enough good things about electric rider. i get my batteries from them and just recently mailed a controller to them for repair. highly recommended.

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